The Paradox of Belgian Inequality Studies
Belgium less unequal than others?

Recent publications

  • BE-PARADIS WP22.4 - A distributional impact assessment of the energy crisis: the interaction between indexation and compensation

  • BE-PARADIS WP22.2 - Housing inequality and how fiscal policy shapes it: Evidence from Belgian real estate

  • BE-PARADIS WP22.1 - Income Inequality in Belgium: what we know and do not know

We presented our findings on income inequality in Belgium, the Belgian distributional national accounts, and the importance of real estate valuation for wealth inequality. Prof. Antoine Bozio (Paris School of Economics, Institut des Politiques Publiques) and prof. Koen Caminada (Leiden University) presented new insights on inequality in France and the Netherlands respectively.

The slides and presentations can be found here.

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